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The Lille Opera and corporations


By supporting an innovative artistic project in partnership with the Lille Opera, corporations can associate their image to a modern opera company with a strong regional and international presence.

The partners benefit from an exceptional framework and privileged access to the performances of the season, and further enable the Opera to reach out to new audiences.

In order to best meet the expectations of corporations, the Lille Opera offers partnership formulas accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as major multinationals. No matter what form of partnership is chosen, companies are always able to list their actions within the legal and fiscal framework of patronage (fiscal deduction of around 60%), thus giving the Opera additional means to develop its projects.

The Lille Opera benefits thus from the support of “Associate partners” who have chosen to participate in the season of the Opera by enrolling in an a la carte subscription and a “Partners Event” of their choice, in the framework of a sponsorship, associating their image to the prestige of a selected performance (opera, dance, concert, recital, etc.).

It also benefits from the support of “Action sponsors” who have chosen to provide their support to specially adapted, personalized projects in the social, educational or cultural domains, or to prestige events, either with or without patronage.



Administrative and financial director
Chantal Cuchet
Fundraising manager

Sylvie Marascalchi
Quality, health and safety manager
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