Lille Opera


Primary and secondary schools

The Lille Opera offers teachers of all levels and all disciplines the opportunity to develop customised pedagogical programmes, whether to enrich courses with music, dance, sport, history of arts, literature, languages, history and civilization …or simply to allow students to experience the thrill of a live performance.

Presentations in the classroom, visits to the Opera, meetings with artists, practice workshops (song, dance, etc.) …depending on the level of students, the teacher’s project and that of the establishment, the preparation can take many forms.

Classes are received for school performances, as well as any other performances of the season.


The Lille Opera is a member of RESEO (the European network to raise awareness of opera and dance).



Teachers, accompany your students in the discovery of music, opera and dance, with 12 sessions during school hours.




Tickets for school session :
5€/ student, free for the accompaining teacher.

Tickets for performances for all audiences :
Schools : Tarif A 11 / Tarif B 7 € / Tarif C 5 €, seats on 2nd or 3rd category. Adult accompaining pay a ticket.




Pedagogical dossiers

Pedagogical dossiers on the shows are available in the Multimedia section.