Lille Opera


My First time at the opera

Some questions you may ask youselves

Opera is too expensive for me… ?
All performances are accessible from 5€ !
The Lille Opera ticket rates adapts to all budgets : subscriptions for – 26 years, « last minute » tickets 15 minutes before some performances (10€) ; payment with Credit-Loisirs Cheks

Performances at lille opera are always sold out ?
Wrong ! Unit tickets are sold all along the season and until the last minute before the performance.
Of course, some performances are more demanded than others. So don’t forget the openning dates for ticket sales : the earliest you book, the best are your seats !

I have my ticket, what should I do ?
For performances in the Main Auditorium, the main entrance is located Place du Théâtre.
For « The Wednesday Concerts », the entrance is located at the ticket office (st Léon Trulin)
Inside the Opera, the staff will help you finding you seat and will answer all your questions.






What hapen if I am late ?
Can I take photos ?
Can I use a phone ?
I am a disabled person, how can I come to Lille Opera ?
I want to come with my children ?
Can I eat at the Opera?
Can I visit the Opera ?
I know nothing about Opera
The Opera is reserved to the elite
I don’t know how to dress me

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