Lille Opera


Performances with audio-description 2014-2015

From the 2006-2007 season Lille Opera has developped an audiodescription device for visual deficients.

Opera by Cavalli and Lully
Sunday 4 october at 4 p.m, thursday 8 october at 7h30 p.m
Performances with audio-description available on thursday 28 may 2015 at 9h30 a.m
Dance creation by Daniel Linehan
Wednesday 4 november at 8 p.m, thursday 5 november at 8 p.m
Performances with audio-description available on Friday 28 august 2015 at 9h30 a.m
Opera by Verdi
Dimanche 17 janvier à 16h, mardi 26 janvier à 20h, jeudi 4 février à 20h
Performances with audio-description available on Tuesday 3 november 2015 at 9h30 a.m





Arielle Viersac
Ticketing manager
TEL. 03 28 38 40 50



For persons who are hard of hearing and who wear a compatible device, a magnetic loop system has been set up for most shows.
The system captures the sounds of a performance which can then be selected by the listener with the T position on the auditory prostheses.
Boxes can be picked up at the reception before the show. Since the number of boxes is limited, it is necessary to reserve.


All operas at the Lille Opera are presented with subtitles.
3 levels of subtitling have been installed: 2 on the sides of the stage and one above. Spectators with hearing loss can thus better benefit from the show. Find the programme of shows on the site. An on-line adaptation by Eurafecam provides an optimal reading experience.



Specific seats are booked for disabled persons: for safety reasons, they should identify themselves as disabled persons when they book their tickets (only by phone). For wheelchairs, entrance is by the Ticket Office only, on Léon Trulin Street.